Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 11 Anime Review


Join my phallic demons collection.

Oh, Solomon, you mischievous imp. I was right to suspect that you didn’t have the best intentions when making the demons into your little boy toys. Tsk, tsk. Everyone looked so horrified to see the real Solomon back, which means… they must have contributed to his death or sealing away somehow.

The only one who was worried about William was Dantalion, which was sweet and almost made me like the dude. There’s just something about the way he’s drawn that I don’t really like personally. Or the way he’s portrayed.

The animation was pretty bad for such a pivotal episode. I wish they hadn’t done one whole episode for that gnome and the sports event, and instead spent more resources here. But I’m guessing the last episode will be cut off at some story arc. I hope it’ll be good.

I find it interesting that Balberith’s plan was to go back to heaven. Hell seems a lot more fun since there aren’t angels with a foot fetish there. I think we’ll see Uriel falling to hell by the time this story ends (in the manga). I’m not sure if I’ll want to read the manga though, because while the characters are interesting enough, the plot is still really bland in its execution.


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