Uchoten Kazoku Episode 11 Anime Review


I hope your hand gets burnt off by a hotpot.

Geeeeeeez. Souun is every bit as scummy as I thought he was. No, it’s not enough that he’s already captured the cute family, he has to threaten Yaichiro. Damn it. Even if Soichiro had gotten away, his sons would have been killed. I can’t believe he would love tanuki mama so much to do all this crap.

I expected the littlest son to get out with his new found power, but not because of a light serving as a beacon. I kind of expected him to hop into that forklift in the background and crash out of the place, or to spark the electric brandy and turn it into a molovtov cocktail.

I wish he had come out wielding molotov cocktails and burn all of Souun’s estate to the ground. Even his sons are evil. Does he realise he’s doing those evil things to his nephews? Or do his sons realise that the people they are killing are their cousins?

The really eccentric family here is really Souun’s. How can their whole family plot to kill another’s just for some political position? I mean, it’s not a new plot to the world, because it’s happened repeatedly in history, but it does make me wonder just what their minds are made up of.

Come already, episode 12! By the way, when Prof. A was shown with the greedy, angry face it scared the tail out of me because it came out of nowhere. I did not expect him to be one of those annoying brothers.


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