Diabolik Lovers Episode 1 Anime Review


Vampire Adventures: My First Murder Victim

It was a dark and stormy night. Pancake, our protagonist, entered a mansion and in the span of a few minutes, met the resident vampires who proceeded to lick her and hold her down and just generally act like a bunch of creepy, creepy stalkers. I can’t blame them. Being cooped up in a mansion with all boys probably made them bored with each other already if you catch my drift. *wink wink*

We found out that she’s an adopted child and her priest father sent her there to stay. Well, at least we got that story plot out of the way. It seems like all male harem storylines have the girl be adopted nowadays to add some tragedy. And, like other storylines, our heroine comes pre-installed with the inability to knee a guy in the crotch. That brings up the question, do vampires feel as much pain as humans down there?

BUT, at least she has the common sense to run away and try to phone outside for help. It makes me feel a little more sympathetic to her. I also like that she caught on quickly to the fact that they were vampires, from their pointy teeth.

At this moment in time, I really don’t like the red haired dude since he forcibly held her down. The first time they met! I guess this must be why they all live together, since he can’t get his hunger hormones under control. I like the glasses guy, and the one who punched the wall, and the one who was all sleepy though. They seemed the least psycho so far.


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