Free! Episode 10 Anime Review


The abolishment of the crab-fishing laws led Nagisa to clean out the sea.

They even animated the waves from the steam in the air! Wow, I really loved watching the boys when they were younger. Nagisa was so cute then! He’s slowly etching out the others in being my favourite over Rei. But Rei’s really cool as well. He struck me as a knight in armor going in to confront Rin, lol. Poor dude was so pouty this episode about being left out. D’aw.

And yes! As predicted, the teacher was a swimsuit model. Also predicted, it was over losing to Haru that Rin got so butthurt. Geez. Kids can say really hurtful things in the heat of the moment.

I’m predicting that Haru grows past what Rin said, or perhaps he already did, by saying that he’s looking forward to racing Rin. I think that, with all this mention of fate and knowing anime conventions, Rin’s father also stopped swimming because a member on his team beat him. And it’ll turn out to be Haru’s dad!

So, it’ll be a nice way to end things with his son managing to… win? Hm. Then again, Haru winning seems the more likely outcome since he is the main character, and the Iwatobi swim club have been training so hard.


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2 responses to “Free! Episode 10 Anime Review”

  1. animeokay says :

    Rin’s a total turd and I want him to lose, realize he’s an ass, apologize to Haru, and Haru to live happily ever after with his REAL friends, who aren’t asses like Rin. Screw Rin. He could lose every race for all I care and break his legs, to boot. He was never a real friend. From what I can see, he only ever USED the team to satisfy his relay dreams. HE didn’t give a damn about any of the guys…just himself.

    • mushireviews says :

      Yeah, Rin was pretty selfish, but then he was a young child at the time, so I can’t exactly blame him for not displaying sportsmanship. I’m hoping that in the next episode he loses to Haru and then learns to be happy for him and show that he’s grown.

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