Brothers Conflict Episode 9 Anime Review


I wipe my snot on my neck.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! JULI! THAT’S JULI! He transformed in Chii’s dreams and she looked happy when they kiss. HOLY FUCK! I did not see that coming. Will the fridge turn into a bishounen next? What about the cats in Natsume’s apartment.

That’s right! She went to Natsume’s apartment after being sad and thinking no one wanted her. Oh come on. Most of us were randomly given to our parents. For adopted children, they were chosen. And I’m not saying this lightly.

Besides, you treat all the dudes like your family so easily. Why not your dad?

Okay, the rape factor went down this episode. Louis kissed her on the cheek and Natsume seemed to restrain himself. At least he didn’t half-rape her like those assholes previously. It’s a little late but I should make a list.

Who Chii should Spend Happily Ever After With

Juli – Chii becomes a magical girl and breaks the spell on her squirrel pal.

Louis – Member of the Chii Protection Coalition.

Natsume- Cool gaming loot.

Yuusuke – Had a crush on Chii in school before shit went down, so high-ranking.

Ukyo – Cooks food.

Hikaru – Cool cross-dresser.

Azusa – I feel like he just wants Tsubaki’s toy.

Subaru – Well, at least he does work hard to show his lub.

Wataru – Cute little bro. Annoying voice though.

Iori – Don’t remember him. (Neutral)

Masaomi – Have we met? (Neutral)

Kaname – Casanova

Futo – A kissing vampire that doesn’t sparkle.

Tsubaki – Molester. Nope.

Objectification of male characters complete!


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