Uchoten Kazoku Episode 10 Anime Review



Really Sou!? REALLY!? You piece of shit!!!! ARGH!!!!! I hope you fucking die in a big ass Szechuan hotpot! What the fucking hell seriously!? Okay, I kind of expected things would turn out this way when the opening said that the hotpot day and the elections coincided, but come the fuck on.

I didn’t think, and I was hoping it wasn’t true that he would actually do that to his own fucking brother. Even if you two loved the same woman and she chose him. Even if he got the Nise-emon position, what you did was too fucking much. No wonder Kaisei was so sad and couldn’t live happily ever after with Froggy. How can you do that after letting the love of your life’s father die? I’m sure she feels this way even though she wasn’t to blame.

The trembling of her lip was a solid detail in the animation.

I also can’t believe Benten’s so cold-hearted. Why? Why did you do that?! You must have had your reason! Besides loving them enough to eat them. Did you hate him because he kept poofing in front of you?


Yeah, fuck you, Souun.

And I know the only way The Greatest Nise-Emon Souichiro would let your cowardly ass do that was because he knew his family would be harmed if he resisted or didn’t let himself be taken. We’ve already seen what that ass could do this episode. Seriously, fuck you Souun. Souichiro wanted to buy time for his new littlest baby and everyone else to grow up and band together. I wish he had just Tanuki Smash all those assholes, because look what they’re doing now, but of course that’s not in his nature.

Really, I don’t even blame Benten or the Friday Fellows or Froggy. I put all the blame on Souun because he was the one that masterminded it.

Damn it, Shimogamo Tanuki family, you all better make it out of this alive. I’ve invested too much emotion in this anime for any of you to die on me.


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2 responses to “Uchoten Kazoku Episode 10 Anime Review”

  1. animeokay says :

    These last two episodes have just been making me so upset. I hope it’s Ebisugawa who ends up in the hot pot. I suspect he won’t, but he should. This family has been through enough; I want Yasaburo and his brothers to kick butt. 😀

    • mushireviews says :

      Me too! But knowing how this show goes, yeah, he probably won’t be in the hotpot. I get the bad feeling it might be Yasaburo who comes close to it. Going to watch episode 11 now!

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