Free! Episode 9 Anime Review


Haru will grill them, Nagisa will forget to feed them, and Rei will overfeed them.

I grinned when the boys were talking about Rin and they showed ringo/apples on screen. They looked really delicious too. Mmmm, candied apples. Ah, I want one now.

Well, as expected, the boys won the relay! You know, fulfilling the whole fortune thing where they get normal luck. Heaven forbid a fortune appears in an anime with a lingering shot and it doesn’t become real. Real life works that way too.

So, we went to the squid festival next. Wow, all the squid dishes that I really want to eat. Grilled squid, squid with soba, teriyaki squid, squid fried rice, squid burger, squid and chips, squid squid squid squid. Why can’t I have a squid festival near me!? The town the anime is based in should totally capitalise on this and have one too!

So, besides the food, Rei and Nagisa were dressed in glorious yukata. I was kinda disappointed the other boys didn’t, but I guess you can’t outshine your partner on a double date. I expected Rei to wear one with butterflies, but… it just had lines! So, anyway, they walked around the placed and some shenanigans with Rin happened.

I really wish that Rin would just, you know, function like a normal human being and be friends with Haru again. But then there won’t be an anime. Unless Haru flushed the goldfish Rin gave him down the drain, I don’t see what’s so heinous that Rin has to act this way.


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