Caught Up!

Finally caught up with most of the shows I aimed to do episodic reviews of. They are:

Gin no Saji
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
Uchoten Kazoku
Yami Shibai

I’ll be switching back to one review a day format instead of two a day. I chose those because I felt they all had something special about them. Especially since the bottom four seem to have less fanfare than Free. I would argue that their story plots are more engaging than Free, though of course Free has most of them beat in terms of animation, except for maybe Uchoten Kazoku. I wanted to review Watamote and Hakkenden too, but Watamote is more of a comedy sketch type without a lot of character growth, so I’ll just be typing “lol” over and over. Hakkenden’s pacing is a little slow for episodic review too.

It’s also giving me time to think about putting reviews on youtube. I had a look around and it seems like some of the anime that I really liked to watch either don’t have any reviews at all or the reviews aren’t as thorough as I would like them to be. I don’t know if it’s due to my powers of searching level 1 or because youtube has been deleting reviews due to copyright grounds.

I was thinking of recording series reviews and posting them up without anime clips so they don’t get deleted. But I can’t pronounce english well in an American or British accent, and I am a little worried I’ll get made fun of. I mean, if no one watches it, that’s okay, but what should I do when I get hated on? Or what if no one understands what the fuck I’m saying? It’s a little worrying.

But I’m really excited for the Fall 2013 season! Magi and Kuroko will be coming out. I’ll record reviews of the season 1 for those two first if I were to start a channel. I’ll modify the Magi review I already have and install a grading system.

And wouldn’t it be cool to be able to have a 2013 playlist, a 2012 playlist, or even a Summer, Fall etc? It’ll be fun to remember which anime came out in which year and see how it evolved by the titles. (As I get older, the years seem to blur together.) It’ll also be cool to have more shoujo anime reviews on youtube. Most that I saw were shounen.

Thinking. Thinking. Not sure. Not sure.



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