Gin no Saji Episode 9 Anime Review


The diet pills were a scam.

Oh, Butadon. I can see why Hachiken likes you so much. You’re so round and cute. Poor Hachiken, it’s going to be tough to let the pig go when the time comes. You can see how attached the two are to each other already.

In this episode, we also get a hint of why the principal let Hachiken, a city-slicker, enter the school. It was to let his students think more about what they were doing. Farming animals shouldn’t be a psychologically easy task, but the kids are used to it, having grown up on farms. They all find Hachiken’s attachment to Butadon troubling, especially Cheese girl.

I can relate to him. I guess growing up in the city meant he rarely came into contact with animals. The manga and anime both didn’t mention Hachiken ever having a pet, so he took the first piggy he saw as his pet, in a way. The practice of naming an animal after food hasn’t helped. In fact, it seems to have made it harder for him to eat.

Oh, Hachiken, it’s okay. I’m sure Butadon wouldn’t take it to heart if you’re the one eating him.


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