Uchoten Kazoku Episode 9 Anime Review



We finally get to see Kaisei’s face! She’s a cutie. It’s really funny how before they showed her, Yasaburo was hit by a water bucket and passed out, almost like he knows we’re watching the show and if we see it, he sees it. Similar to how Yasaburo blocked Prof A’s important bits as he got changed.

This was an extremely traditional episode. Kaisei was having a hot yuzu bath in the bathhouse, which is kind of like an orange and lime cross-breeding. I’m cheap, so I usually eat the fruit and toss the peels in, to get more of the smell out without wasting the fruit.

We got to hear the two of them exchange comments on the upcoming elections. We then saw how the tanuki traditionally elect someone, and Yasaburo had to be all humble for Prof A. He really knows how to handle that kid of an old man.


Tanuki and humans battle it out in their love for cake.

Yasaburo shared Baumkuchen with the Friday Fellow in the opening scene, which is a very popular cake in Japan. It’s really time consuming to make though, and expensive. Each layer has to be spread on a rolling wooden log in an oven. It originated from Germany. It’s kind of fitting because we see Yasaburo’s fiancee and the cake is usually given at weddings. Usually, not so big though nor do you eat the whole piece. Maybe because I’m poor.

I find the short glimpse of Papa tanuki’s encounter with Benten really interesting, because it shows that he was scared of her. Did he sense that he would one day be eaten by her? Or did she already give off a predatory air behind her innocent mask when she was younger?

Then we closed the anime off with a shot of the family gather around a Christmas tree and eating fried chicken. I know KFC has big boom at the end of every year. I guess it’s kind of like how western countries have turkey.

I bet the youngest tanuki’s electric powers will be a funny plot to save the family later on. I also get the nagging feeling that Yasaburo will be cooked in the hotpot at the end of the show.


…was meant to apologise for my razorburn.


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