Kamisama no Inai Nichiyobi Episode 9 Anime Review


Must make Scar bald…

D’aw, we got to see Scar have post-partum depression. Well, kinda. She was caught between being a gravekeeper and taking care of Celica, so she ran back to her birthplace. Before that, we got a shot of the whole gang celebrating Alis’ birthday.

It kind of felt like they stuffed Alis’ birthday in there as a story juxtaposition against all the clone gravekeepers being made. How their birthdays aren’t celebrated make them seem less than human, which is why Scar was angsty. But really, Ai, when you’re older you’ll understand that no one cares or celebrates birthdays. It’s kind of tedious to do it every year.

Celica was damn cute. I hope we get to see more of her, and she doesn’t get pawned off to someone else. I think we will, because Yuri will hang around with Scar, taking care of the baby. I get the feeling that by the end, Yuri and Scar will settle down somewhere and take care of the baby. They were meant for each other, man! Just look at the names. One is a woman with a manly name, and the other is a man with a womanly name. Free! has taught me there are no name coincidences.


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