Yami Shibai Episode 7 Anime Review

ImageOnly if you give me back my butt plug first.

Yes! This episode was creepy. From the build-up with the telephone call and the repetition of the same story by the boyfriend, to how the main female protagonist was approaching her doorway. The dread I felt was there.

What kind of failed was the jump scare part. The boyfriend looked a lot less scary than the girl on the phone. He looked almost funny.

What I really enjoyed about this episode was their use of a phone as a tool in the scaring. Think about it. If phones had not been invented in the time period of the story, the girlfriend would have to communicate to the main female by going to her door and knocking or to her window. There wouldn’t be time for build up to the opening of her front door.

This story could not be told without a phone, which makes it a true modern day horror story.

It plays on a deeper scare than the obvious one of being trapped alone in your room. It plays on the fear of being given misinformation, two different versions of an accident. Who do you trust? Which do you trust?

Of course, the inevitable result happened – you can’t trust anyone. Not someone on your phone or someone at your front door. What makes the episode sweeter is that the story closes just as she is confronted, so we are left to imagine what happened to her in the end.


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