Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 8 Anime Review


No shit, Sherlock.

We received an almost philosophical lesson in the school just before the dogs were let out. Alis, the red haired dude, and Ai talked to each other in the clocktower once again. Ai was worried that Tanya didn’t want to leave and achieve her dream of living with her parents, and it led to her talking to Alis about her own dreams.

Ai wants to save the world, you see, and so does Alis, surprisingly. BUT. But, Alis wants to save the world by destroying it. He goes on to explain that there are two worlds. The objective one, which exists even without humans, and the world one sees, which is subjective. And, in order to save the world, he has to destroy his own.

Doesn’t that mean everyone has their own world? And the name “Sunday Without God”. Does that mean a world without God? Everyone is a “God” of their subjective world, which might be why they have wishes coming true and influencing the objective world. If so, is there a subjective world without God? What would it be like?


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