Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 9 Anime Review


Well, yeah, that’s why we’re called Man and not God.

There’s only 3 episodes left! How are they going to wrap up any plot? I bet we’ll be given a rather… generic kind of ending with William in his school and the demons hanging around. Sigh.

Well, we learnt more this episode about why Solomon made the demons his underlings. Kevin/Uriel, when he used to have two wings, gave Solomon the power to kill the demons, but he wouldn’t, and made them do his bidding instead. Solomon was selected for the deed because God gifted him powers. Probably tied to the ring William got back from Kevin.

Heaven tried an assault on Hell so that Solomon could be given ecstasy, but Kevin couldn’t go through with it. Because William believed too much in science and not in religion. At least the Realist part in the anime title finally became plot-relevant. Keven couldn’t kill him either so William is safe.

We met Jeanne and Bluebeard, a saint and a demon respectively. Obviously, references to Joan of Arc and Gilles de Rais. The anime isn’t shy about that, or about naming Bluebeard’s crimes, which involved defiling and murdering kids.

History won’t ever change. We’ll always have serial murders and rapists around. It’s just how prominently their crimes are known. Which does make what Solomon say have some sense. Man takes pleasure in sin so it’s always going to exist. Though I don’t really agree with his theory on punishment – that it’s useless.

I guess in a sense Solomon is arguing for rehabilitation. While Heaven is all for punishment. Though I doubt the anime will make this link explicit even if it wanted to.


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