Yami Shibai Episode 6 Anime Review


But you’ll still be blue. Da ba dee.

I actually laughed multiple times in this episode. Why Yami Shibai!? Why have you forsaken me!? The episode started off promising as well. This time our main protagonist is an over-worked office man who spies something mysterious in the corner of the overhead rack on the train.

If you’ve taken public transport, you’ll always get that creepy feeling when you look at a corner and see it all dirty. Or even if it’s simply shadowed, you’ll get the creeps because there might be a cockroach, spiders, mosquito or any manner of disgusting thing there. Gum, sweet wrappers, cigarette butts. And yes, I’ve encountered all this back then when cleanliness laws wasn’t as strict now.

So, pretty cool, right? You have a creepy premise already. Just make the main character find something there and bam you’re done.

The first sign of things going wrong was when the train horn was used as a jump scare. It did not work. Main character is on a train. Most of us use trains, or have come to associate trains with horns, so it was just annoying. Then, there was a blackout, which, surprisingly enough, no one took out their cellphones for light. That would not happen today.

Things started the turn for the worse when the mysterious object started moving to the man and he just… stood there. Surely he could have moved away. I mean, even as a Japanese man, he can’t be that willing to keep the status quo, right? Even if it’s dark he can just move a little, right?

Then, the thing starts to talk and eyeballs start to pop out like it’s an alien. But he’s the only one that can see it since no one is screaming. He’s supposed to be in the dark, but the way he’s animated and drawn does not make it seem that way. I started laughing as the eyeballs started to talk to him.

I guess he’s going crazy from stress and so an alien starts to grope him. Is this supposed to be commentary on how girls get groped on trains? It really failed as a horror tale and I can see why it wasn’t placed as the first episode, but chucked to the back.

What the writers should have done was play more with the unknown of a train. They even had a freaking blackout and ladies commenting on how many train accidents there were recently. Can you imagine being forced to evacuate the train, walking past the body that was hit? You go through the tunnel, following the cellphone light of the person in front of you but then the footsteps of the people around you seem to be getting softer and softer. There is no more sound. You turn around to see if there’s anyone behind you but there isn’t. You turn back and the light in front of you is gone. You try to retrace your steps, and you come to a fork in the tunnel. You choose one side and run, guessing it will take you to the nearest station anyway. A rumbling in the ground. There is a loud train horn and blinding light. A loud crunching noise followed by a cut to black.


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One response to “Yami Shibai Episode 6 Anime Review”

  1. Artemis says :

    Definitely not the best episode of the series. Episode 7 is excellent though – probably one of my favourites so far.

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