Uchoten Kazoku Episode 7 Anime Review

ImageCooked in a hotpot or cooked in a hotbath? You decide.

Wow. This episode blew my mind in terms of the plot twist it exposed at the end. I was expecting the tanuki to say Benten. But no.

It’s amazing how we were given the incident right from episode 1 and even now until episode 7, we’re still learning more things about the circumstances surrounding Papa tanuki’s death. And mind-twisting ones too. Oh no, this isn’t the small details like how hot the hot pot was or shit like that.

Even the humans that ate him didn’t know he could turn into a humanoid form, come to think of it. If they knew, I doubt they would have eaten him so easily. If all meat animals could turn into humans, I would go vegetarian. Really. I’d still drink milk though. Gotta get my protein.

I can just picture cow unions demanding more pay for milk.

Well, anyway, wow. Spoiler.

I bet that’s why Yajiro couldn’t turn into a human anymore. He felt too guilty. It might not have been his fault, actually. Maybe something happened and Papa tanuki sacrificed himself. Which is why he was so willing to die, for his son.

I noticed that they reused the exact same perspective shot for Prof’s house. No wonder they could spend so much budget on it! I guess that’s the good point of a story with a fixed few settings. Anime doesn’t need to constantly have a new location to keep audiences captivated. The bath architecture was gorgeously drawn and so detailed.

The two rolypoly tanukis are annoying and I hope they get beaten in the Nise-emon elections.


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