Uchoten Kazoku Episode 6 Anime Review


Maybe getting ripped away from her parents?

Wow. What the fuck, Prof Akadama? You see a girl you like and you just fly down and pluck her away? What. No wonder Benten turned out to hate your guts. And the way the Prof was so apologetic to her. It made me feel like he must have done something really bad for her to treat him that way. I mean, sure, the inner parlour and fan were cool, but he must have really owed her something for her to still dislike him. And yeap, he had kidnapped her.

And no wonder she’s sad. She’s effectively been trained to be a tengu. Natural rivals of the tanuki. I think she likes Yasaburou a lot, but she can’t be with him, especially after eating his dad. Even though his dad was okay with getting eaten.

That’s another shocker this episode. That the old tanuki would be fine with being eaten. Maybe he was doing it as a political move. Maybe he was already going to die. It would have felt like euthanasia except that he seemed to have died too soon. I mean the youngest was still so small then.

I think Benten cries because she’s lonely. How many humans do you know that can float in the air? And yet she’s not a full tengu. She doesn’t really belong anywhere.

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