Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 21 Anime Review


Raise the roof… Uoo… Uoo

It’s always a little more difficult for me to review an anime when I’ve read the manga ahead of time, because I have to be careful with spoilers. SnK seems to have been making the work easier by doling out obvious clues to the identity of the Female Titan, even more than the manga. I think we should get her identity in the next episode and from then the plot should speed up.

Why do I say this? Because Eren’s eyes widened when he saw the Female Titan do something and the shot wasn’t shown in this episode. Next episode is when we’ll definitely see the truth revealed.

What I can speculate on is something that hasn’t been revealed in the manga yet, though I’m pretty sure on my theory.

How do Titans hunt down humans? It’s definitely by smell. The most convincing evidence for this is when Armin escaped being swallowed by a titan in the beginning episodes, after he was pulled out of a titan’s mouth by Eren. He was saved because he was covered in a Titan’s saliva. Being able to sit on an exposed roof when titans can even track humans down without sight- this is the only explanation.

It hasn’t been discovered yet because, well, how many humans get into a mouth of a titan and come out alive besides one of the protagonists in a manga?

Of course, with Aberrants it’s a different story since they have more conscious control. But for your general run-of-the-mill stalker, I think Hanji should develop Eau de Titan, a perfume that makes you smell like a titan and become invisible to them. The scouting corps will earn millions and they can invent jetpacks after that.


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