Uchoten Kazoku Episode 5 Anime Review


Party time!

The last few scenes at the end were gorgeous! The cityscape of Kyoto as Benten and Yasaburou traversed the roofs and then encountering a set of chairs and table set up just for Benten. She rings the bell and martinis descend It was simply wonderful art! Almost reminiscent of Paris. I really loved the perspectives and the quiet way the animation helped to enhance the art.

Of course, the story in this episode was wonderful as ever. The director knew what he was doing with the juxtaposition of Benten and the drunk guy talking about their love for tanuki and wanting to eat them. Benten’s love is more subdued though, and she probably just likes Yasaburou only? Maybe?

I do think it was kind of sick that the man ate the husband of the tanuki he helped out and loved. Really, really cool and sad at the same time. As the Friday Fellows were talking, you can’t help but realise they’re just everyday guys who like to eat tanuki once a year. The way Yasaburou talked about it, I thought they were scary bad guys, but… they’re pretty normal. Like you and me.

It made me ask why don’t they just eat tanuki that can’t transform into humanoids? And then I wonder, what if all tanuki can transform into humans? Oh dear. I think the anime might be trying to make us omnivores think, and turn us all into vegetarians. But meat is so tasty!

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