Gin no Saji Episode 8 Anime Review


I can be measured in milk and cheese.

Last few days of Hachiken spending time at Mikage’s farm, he gets an impromptu visit from his brother. The two boys are really stuck in the same situation, since they have the same parents. Extremely high expectations on them, and both being pressured until they can’t handle it and… run away.

Or is it running away? I think it’s more of running to find themselves rather than running away. I really empathise with the two of them here. Having high expectations thrust on you by parents is really hard to handle. And often times, it has the opposite effect on kids.

It was really fun to watch Hachiken enjoy the corn from the Komaba twins. It looked so delicious. Nom nom nom. What this anime does well is illustrate the delicious food. It does so even better than the manga, because there’s colour here. And I doubt Hachiken’s reactions to the delicious corn is an over-reaction.

I’ve had fresh corn from a farm before and I think I could dance like Hachiken as well. Man, I wish I could have it again. It’s just so out of this world sweeeeeet. Mmmm…


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