Uchoten Kazoku Episode 4 Anime Review


Cute, furry idiots.

The highlight of this episode for me was when the old visiting tengu regaled the family with tales of their late father as they floated on the inner parlour above Kyoto. Even though most of the animation was the same, we got some extra bits and understood a bit more about the Fake Nyoigatake Incident. The Father tanuki transformed into a whole freaking mountain and scared the Kurama tengus away, who were bullying Prof Akadama at the time.

You know, he should have transformed into a haunted house and charged admission fee. I bet his family would be rich by now.

Well, anyway, I greatly preferred watching the family listen to the tales of their father and how happy they looked over their fight with the rivaling tanuki clan in their leisure cruiser. Sure, it was exciting and dramatic, but the sympathy I felt for the mother raising so many kids and looking at the family in a happier time was more satisfying.

Kinda expected, Prof Akadama downs the last drop of alcohol and they crash. He’s really obsessed with Benten. We see the reason for her show of power in the last episode. She was actually teaching Yasaburou how to use the fan! She probably already planned all this from the start, hiding the fan in the drawer.

I get the feeling that she was hoping for some tanuki deaths for her hotpot though. She indirectly instigated the two ships to fight over her. I think Yasaburou might have been more inclined to fire at the other ship because she was partying on it and Prof Akadama got really bad. He really respects his teacher, from the way he played along and invited the old man to the ship.

Old people are really like kids sometimes.


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