Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun Season 2 Episode 4 Anime Review


They had all reanimated into zombies and chased after them.

Wow, I really liked the side story in this episode. I was totally blindsided by what happened with regards to the bun shop owner until Shino was at the bun shop talking to the mother and daughter and they dashed inside when he mentioned the family altar. It was a really touching story.

The part where Shino helped the kids choose the meaning in their names was interesting as well, but it didn’t strike me as that touching as the bun owner. Though I guess for the orphans it must have been meaningful. Here I was wondering how Shino knew how the name were written and the blind girl guessed correctly that he gave it to them. I guess he fulfilled his role as a teacher.

I also liked how Kaho bumped into Ao and they had a small exchange and she remarked on the warmth of his hand. Shit’s gonna go down for Sousuke soon. I bet he will disappear and Shino will have to do something drastic to save him.


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