Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 8 Anime Review


With a toe-sucking fetish.

I wish the ED wasn’t so spoilertastic. We’ve already seen Michael there, and as predicted, when the demons are portrayed as somewhat good guys, the angels will be the baddies. I hope the show has more depth of character to it though.

Well, at least we find out pastor Kevin isn’t actually a fallen angel. Michael just ripped one wing off, and I think what happened is that Kevin warned Noah of the flood coming to save the guy. But if Solomon chooses a demon, Kevin will fall to Hell.

I kinda think that’s better though. They have parties and the a dapper goat serves you biscuits and tea. Sounds quite fun.

I wish they had introduced Michael earlier though, so it would have a bit of a mindfuck like Kevin the butler was, rather than having him show up this episode and then reveal himself to be an angel. It would have had more impact.

Solomon was a real pimp, even getting angels in on it. I think it was because God blessed him to have the most wisdom or something. So, the angels, led by a jealous Michael, wanted Solomon too?

Poor William. It looks like he’s going to Hell next episode.


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