Free! Episode 8 Anime Review


My lack of nipples should reduce drag.

Go go Iwatobi! Sneaky Gou entered them into the medley and we see Rin get jealous of Rei swimming the butterfly. Bwahahaha! So what if all of them lost their prelims? They managed to swim as a team, which is what is important, right?

I find it amusing that in the above picture their goggles are colour-coded to their swimming trunks. So fashionable! I’m lucky if I can find a pair of goggles that aren’t black – that’s so dark, not easy to see.

And Nagisa is so pale! Even though they all trained as a team for the past few weeks, why is he so much lighter? Did he slather on copious amounts of sunblock? I’m surprised Rei doesn’t have tanlines from his time high-jumping. It usually takes more than a few weeks for that to disappear.


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