Gin no Saji Episode 6 Anime Review


So, how much should the ransom be?

Hachiken goes to work on Mikage’s farm! I can’t remember if it was at this point, but I seem to recall Hachiken getting fought over by his classmates in the manga to go live on their farm and work because they desperately need help. He went with Mikage in the end.

So, Hachiken gets nearly lost trying to find a cell signal to text his parents where he is. I can empathise with how he feels towards his parents. You kinda want to talk to them, but you don’t really know what to say. Well, anyway…

Mikage’s grandpa comes to bring Hachiken back and hits a deer on the road. Hachiken’s job is to butcher it since he has been slacking all day. He’s hesitant at first, and then he does it.

It’s really hard to handle a dead animal. I remember the first time I cut into raw meat. And mind you, it came from one of those styrofoam packages. Not like Hachiken who had to cut into a still warm deer. It’s a gross and awe-inspiring sensation all at once. This animal died for me to live.

Meat is too delicious to give up though, as shown when Hachiken bit into the venison. And I would never give up meat, unless it was for health reasons. Ethically, I don’t see anything wrong with eating meat, because even if I eat a plant, that’s still another being giving up their life for me. I do think we should treat animals in factories better though, but as we see from Komaba’s factory situation, sometimes it’s hard to earn a living from being all natural.


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