Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 7 Anime Review


Plastic surgeon, on the way.

That’s Baalberith, and he sent a horde of demons after William in this episode. Remarkably, and wisely, Sytry chose to ignore all the demon politics and go to William’s aid. I find it hilarious that Dantalion and Sytry keeps asking William to choose them so they can protect him, when they protect him anyway even though he hasn’t chosen. Logically, isn’t it more beneficial for William to sit on his ass and not choose? So everyone protects him.

Unless the choosing gives William and the demon something else. Well, anyway, we find out that yup, they just need Solomon’s soul, not necessarily to be the chosen one. Which is probably what Kevin means by not losing William to the demons. If he doesn’t choose, his soul is intact.

We get a sweet flashback of Solomon ordering Dantalion around, and it’s pretty clear that Solomon planned for Dantalion to kill him. I guess by killing Solomon you gain his soul, which might be how the interim ruler is elected? I wonder if William will die when he chooses.

I wish the fight scenes were better animated. As it is, the budget is already pretty low with all the talking heads and chibi versions around.


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