Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 7 Anime Review


Guess where I’m sticking the broom?

It’s interesting to see that even in an apocalypse, kids will still have to go to school. Sigh. Drudgery and bureaucracy never ends, does it? Ai was kidnapped to a school, because apparently there’s still a functioning government and it pays out money for each student there. And there have been no kids born since the apocalypse happened. They have a 22 year old student in their fold as proof when they were explaining the school might never let them out even if they’re adults.

Oh, and it’s a school for kids with special abilities. Nothing new except that most of their abilities are just… weird. Like the two twin blonds above apparently have multiple personality and they were originally triplets. Isn’t that a disorder? A blind girl has synesthesia, and a boy has pica. Seriously, the only ones with superpowers are the girl with super strength and the one who can breathe underwater. The rest is just a weird hodge-podge.

We find out that they all got their powers by making a wish on the verge of death. I’m guessing wishes play a big part in this story, since Hampnie was kept immortal by his wish of dying with loved ones mourning him. Most likely, the apocalypse started with someone wishing that the dead could move again. Then after a month or so of that, someone else wished that the dead could truly die, so gravekeepers were born.

I’m still wondering how people truly tell alive, dead, and gravekeepers apart. Sure, the dead have lifeless eyes, but there’s got to be something more.


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