Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 6 Anime Review


most comfortable in my bondage gear.

Woah, so much happened in this episode. I wonder if it’s because they were only given a few episodes so they’re trying to squeeze as much in as possible. Well, most important plot point is that Ai deduced that Ulla doesn’t know she’s killing people, in that she might think that the people she’s killing are actually the opposite – that she’s raising them from the dead.

Well, Ai gave Ulla too much credit intelligence wise, because Ulla has only figured out that her eyes have some power, though she’s not sure what. Actually, I think it might be because she doesn’t want to think too much about it anyway. She’s happy in Ortus. She mentioned how people looked so happy dying, or relieved. And some didn’t even go into Ortus but go out back to the wastelands. They all basically wanted a painless death.

I can understand. I guess death is the last unknown in the world. Or at least, in the world before people couldn’t die without a gravedigger. Being able to control and choose their manner of dying…. it’s a lot like sleeping isn’t it? You wake up the next day and carry on with life.

Minor plot point is that Pox/Rex/doctor is actually two people! We see them upstairs and in the care at roughly the same time. And then just before the episode ends, we see that the baby Scar was looking for is actually Ulla’s twin sister who is frozen in time in the palace’s bowels. Apparently their mother placed a curse, which her twin sis rejected. I bet she can raise the dead.

So, our heroes now have to play babysitters as they carry on their journey.


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