Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 5 Anime Review


Boob from you, testicle from you…

We learnt that Pox (sorry, not Fox) can actually switch halves. Or maybe they can each be a different combination. The doctor half visited Scar and we find out that it’s due to medical intervention that people in Ortus don’t stink. Scar might have pseudo-pregnancy, though I think there’s a secret buried underneath the palace, personally.

Ai had a fun time running through the place, and yeah, she’s surprisingly comfortable for a living person among the dead as Kiriko pointed out. Oh, and Kiriko isn’t living or dead, since he’s the product of the five people. So, we know there’s magic in this world as well, on top of science.

Near the end of the episode, bells ring through the town and 105 people have come to join Ortus AKA commit suicide. This raises a lot of questions in my mind.

Why die when you’re still stuck on earth? Perhaps the people are experiencing pain in their bodies? Can the dead feel pain? If they can’t, I imagine terminally ill folks would want to join Ortus. Feeling suicidal… it’s usually due to depression or just frustration with current circumstances, right? But if they’re still stuck on earth… I guess since Ortus doesn’t allow the living in, it could be because of that? I imagine if they owed debt or just wanted a fresh start they would choose that.

Ai, of course, cannot handle it and we see her running to the palace to tell the princess, who actually seems to have a hand in the ritual though.


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