Gin no Saji Episode 5 Anime Review


Artistic rendition of cow poop patties.

So, in this episode, a mysterious crop circle appears on a field and we’re treated to how farmers regard them – annoying. They destroy the crops and they’re just a nuisance in general to farmers. Then there is talk of going to see “it”.


It turns out to be a giant harvester, unlike the UFO I was expecting when I read the manga. While I was reading it, I wondered if the manga was really going to take a turn for the supernatural, when it had been a delightful Slice of Life so far. Imagine demons using their powers to harvest crop. I was happily surprised to see that they were just otaku-ing over a large harvester.

It isn’t the first time the kids at the school have been awed over large machinery, and I find their enthusiasm for it riveting. It’s like the passion other anime have for gundams rendered in agricultural form. And I guess for farm kids who like large machinery, it’s the closest they’ll come to one, since they’re mostly expected to take over the family farm.

I also really liked watching how all of them sacrificed themselves so Hachiken could go see the machine. Shows how much they’ve accepted him into the pack.


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