Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 6 Anime Review


I must have you for myself. Mwehehehehe.

Rocking episode! Wow, so many things happened. Alright, first we have William going to the Swallow’s place and finding out his human friend’s father is actually a corpse being controlled by a demon called Eligos working under Beezelbub.

What I really, really enjoy about anime is when they take into account the historical context of their time. The politicians were talking about starting a war, and we later find out by exterminating the five demons, the war wasn’t started. They were the five votes needed for parliament to pass a bill to go to war. Judging from the poofy dresses the ladies were wearing, this is probably a reference to World War 1. I’ll have to confirm it once I see a year date popping up. So, basically, William’s band of demons avoided, or rather, delayed the start of a war. So much for not meddling with other demon’s affairs.

We also get a glimpse of Beezelbub, finally! And he’s being written as a comical character. Sigh. Well, at least he has a cool design. What’s interesting is that we don’t see him canoodling with William in the OP or ED. So, I suppose they might not have been on the best of terms, judging from the assassination attempt.

More importantly, we see Kevin’s real form! He’s a one-winged angel (fallen angel?) called Uriel. And, of course, doesn’t want to give cute William over to the demons. Does that mean that… if William elects a demon, he gives his soul up? There was mention of Solomon’s soul by the incinerated demons. Perhaps… to become ruler of hell, you just have to have Solomon’s soul?


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