Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 4 Anime Review


Into my dungeon.

So, our three heroes, Ai, Yuri, and Scar, are traveling in a van to save the world. Well, they find a boy, Kiriko sleeping in the back of the van, and he says he’s a government official from Ortus. So the gang goes to Ortus and they meet Fox/Rex. Now, Ortus is a city for the dead, and FoRex admits that even the dead find her/im creepy, so they were surprised when Ai happily introduced herself. And so, the cute little girl bribed her way into the city.

Ortus looks a lot like an imaginary Venice. Almost all the people wear Venetian masks and they all wear long-sleeved dresses or robes, at least when out in public. It was a really cool and creepy scene, since the reason they’re all so covered up is probably because they’re decaying underneath. It’s easier to retain a sense of normalcy when you don’t have to look at everyone’s gaping guts everywhere you go. And I guess that’s all the dead really want in that world, to carry on with their lives. So much so that they hunt gravediggers and stick their spoons in the ground like gravemarkers.

It raises the question if the people are decaying underneath, and if they are, shouldn’t there be a smell in the city?


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