Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 5 Anime Review


A goblin? Become obsolete? Surely you jest, Mr Malfoy.

The Headmaster’s House is experiencing jesters, so William was roped in to solve the disturbances. It turns out that the source of all these problems was a Killmoulis, a supernatural miller from Scotland. Now, I’ve never heard of them before so I did some research into it.

Wow, the anime creator sure has a way of making something so ugly become so adorable! The moe-ness was dripping from the cute Killmoulis. I was really happy with how William solved the problem. Ya know, exercising his Solomon brains for public good and all that. The cute Killmoulis was happily grinding at the end.

What I found interesting was the way Sytry hung back and observed how William handled the situation. Could it be that the demons themselves are evaluating William? Is it possible that they could go against whoever William elects? Well, maybe not, considering he could silence Dantalion’s powers. But can he do that to all the demons? I doubt it though. Maybe they had an oath?

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