Free! Episode 7 Anime Review


Haru gets stalked by a shark.

Look at that art. The way the waves crash against Rin and the water bounces off. Woaaah. The animation when Rin and Haru clashed in the pool was wonderful!

Well, I thought Rin and Haru would tie, given the luck Haru got, which was half-lucky. But he lost, which means….. at the medley he’ll win! HM. But Rin is only taking part in that one event, right?

Maybe what happens is that Haru’s time actually beats Rin’s personaly best? Haru looked devastated when he lost. Or perhaps Rin gets jealous after seeing Haru take part in the group event and decides to swim with Haru again.

I really liked how they illustrated the before atmosphere of the swimming tournament. Really captures how I feel before competition- especially Rei being unable to sleep. The bustling, casual atmosphere of athletes is really accurate. And yup, thankfully Rei did high jump so he has the muscles to keep up. Can’t wait for the medley. Go Haru go! Make shark fin out of Rin!


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