Brothers Conflict Episode 8 Anime Review


Buy a chibi Azusa pillow and put it on his bed whilst hugging an ice-cream cone.

So, poor Azusa is in hospital with meningitis. His voice acting role was given to Tsubaki. Was this a conspiracy? Did Tsubaki attack Chii so that Azusa would faint and he could get the role? Perhaps.

I like the shot of Tsubaki’s room there, and the merchandise advertising they did with the Azusa pillow on his bed. The part where Tsubaki kept getting woken up made me laugh.

It’s really sad to see the family destroying itself over Chii though. I mean, really, how long have any of them known her? Besides Yuusuke and the basketball dude, the rest only knew her after she became their sister. It’s really… like she’s being treated as a trophy and they’re all chasing after her to see who can win.

I think there was a time-skip in the show of about six months directly after the wedding, so I guess that would be enough time to develop feelings, but a lot of them seemed to be infatuated at the start. I do somewhat enjoy watching the family tear itself apart over her though. Kind of like watching a train wreck in action.

I think out of all the brothers, having Natsume as a brother would be the coolest. For one, he hasn’t forcibly kissed/hugged/attempted rape on Chii and he’s hooked her up with gaming loot. He’s the only one that can have a normal conversation with her in the coffee shop without trying to seduce her. I’m all for a freebie-giving bro.


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One response to “Brothers Conflict Episode 8 Anime Review”

  1. nerdarium says :

    Yeah I have to question and side eye the majority of the brothers pretty hard. I guess it is based off an otome game, but I wish it were more realistic and it wasn’t destroying the family essentially. I think Yuusuke’s the only one with a legitimate excuse, as he had a crush on her before.

    I don’t think Masaomi, Ukyo, or Louis has done anything forcible to her have they? I hope they don’t. Especially Louis as he has a pact with Juli.

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