Gin no Saji Episode 4 Anime Review


I want a superpower where I can spit cheese out of my mouth and then eat it again.

Pizza party!!! Yeah! I love pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? Ah, so many toppings, so many different types of bread. Even if you can’t eat gluten, there’s no bread pizza, using fried cheese or maybe even meat as a base.

Those students living on a farm are so lucky to have the delicious pizza Hachiken organised and made into reality. Fresh vegetables, lovingly raised meat, sun-kissed wheat. It makes my mouth drool just thinking about it.

Of course, the downside to living on a farm is having to even make pizza from scratch just to get any. Out here in the city, we dial a phone and get a pizza, though at an exorbitant price and not very good quality. I’ve tried to make it, but I have a normal oven, not a stone one, so it’s hard to get the crust right. I wish I had an outside stone oven. It transforms food. Vegetables become delicious – even asparagus and broccoli!

But at least in the city we have fast food, and, erhm, different types of cuisine, right? But they have fresh meat to fry… I wish they would make oven-fried chicken.


It’s hard to eat a friend.


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