Blood Lad Episode 7 Anime Review

ImageSays the vampire.

Staz’s remaining family – his older brother and younger sister, Braz and Liz, come with Staz to his place. Shenanigans happen and basically Fuyumi is gonna disappear unless she turns back into a human soon. She’s subsisting on Staz’s blood for now. In this episode, Fuyumi gets into trouble again by probably getting kidnapped by that blond dude.

Well, my suspicions were right and the anime did pick up. Just a little. This anime started off as an injured turtle being dragged on a leash and it’s turned into a slightly moving turtle being dragged around. The side characters are still more interesting than the main, which is the reason I’m still watching.

The more I watch of it, the more I think it’s just a big parody by the mangaka and they’re maybe not treating it too seriously. There are so many tropes thrown in that it can’t be serious. But I think the author should have committed more and poked more fun at it. I did like Fuyumi warning Staz not to complete his Kamehameha due to copyright reasons, and I did like how bloody it got when Akim was fighting. They usually censor it all out.

The whole anime is packed with design references to others, especially Hellsing. I’m hoping it continues to get better.


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