Free! Episode 6 Anime Review


Nope, that’s the four swimmer boys constellation.

We were this close to a CPR kiss! Damn it. The director of the show knew their watching demographic and purposefully teased us with the almost-kiss. Damn it!!!! But well, at least the four of them got to spend the night together on a deserted island. And hey, mackerel and pineapple can’t be that bad, right? Savoury and sweet combination.

Well, my prediction was only half right with Haru saving Makoto. Nagisa saved Rei. Rin only woke up and found the missing boys the next morning and by then they were swimming back. What happened to your Haru radar, Rin!? I mean you were able to scope out his naked chest and get a changing room next to him in a mall in the city, but you can’t even tell when he gets nearly killed in the sea? That’s unacceptable!

So, the creators decided to foster the lovey dovey friendship of the boys as compared to introducing more conflict. I think that’s good as well, since Rei is a new member. It showed him that they were willing to risk their life for him and they do consider him a member of their pack. Often times, a new arrival to an established team isn’t treated as well or at least has a period of adjustment. This show is it.

Not much else to say about this episode, since it’s a predictable outcome of everyone not-drowning. I had fun watching and learning about Makoto’s past, though I kinda expected something more macabre with the swimming goldfish and long funeral procession. Maybe something like how Makoto got mad and threw his goldfish out to sea and the fisherman going out to save it died or the goldfish mutating into a giant monster or decomposing in the well water and poisoning everyone.


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