Brothers Conflict Episode 7 Anime Review

Image like monkeys to a banana.

Yikes, things got, erhm, rapey this episode. They kept attempting to kiss her and she’s all confused, since she wants them to be a family. Well, at least she managed to push the vampire away, though he has an extremely valid point that she seems to have earned the affections of all of them, which is really strange and makes me wonder if she has magical aphrodisiac powers.

What I liked about this episode is the ending dialogue between the twins, where they both point out to each other that they’re being pushy over her. When Azusa points out that he’s actually concerned about Tsubaki, Tsubaki was animated to be startled, which is a nice detail, and it does show that the twins care about each other. This argument between them makes me hopeful that it’ll develop into a soap drama with an all-out brawl between the brothers culminating in a Super Smash Bros tournament.

In a lot of reverse harem games/shows, the protagonist goes around with everyone and there’s very little fallout, but this show seems to have taken that into account. I mean, if you were seeing someone and they kissed someone else, you would be pissed unless there was some prior agreement.

The problem with harems is that everyone watching has a favourite character. In games, you can choose which route to go on and remain faithful. But in tv shows, it’s difficult because there’s only a set path to show the audience, and everyone wants the main to go with their choice. It’s a problem for the producers so the main female is usually reduced to being seduced, almost against her will, so that all of the choices are satisfied. And she can’t fight too much or the guy seducing her will be seen as rapey.

I do wish the main character had more agency and wasn’t being dragged around by the guys, but well, what can you do?


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3 responses to “Brothers Conflict Episode 7 Anime Review”

  1. Semienigma says :

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed how Rapey this episode was. Especially that “vampire” part >.> I dunno I rather like how Uta no Prince-sama 1k and 2k did it lol. Thought I admit I kept pretending they had a Group Marriage the whole time, especially in the second season.

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