Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 3 Anime Review


Well, if you think about it, pretty logical plan of attack really.

Aw yeah, things are ramping up. We meet with Pastor Crosby who then gets demolished by Dantalion. And then… *ominous drumroll* William’s butler becomes the new priest! Crosby looks so much like Grell from Kuroshitsuji in this picture. He’s just missing the shark teeth smile.

Well, I think what stood out to me in this episode was firstly, the awful animation in the fight scene. Sigh… I wish Shonen-aish anime had more funding, but what do you do? I suppose it’s better than having talking heads on screen for long drawn-out seconds, like Junjou.

Another thing that stood out was William talking with Sytry. The other potential devil king was saying that Solomon was the wisest man and that William shouldn’t shy away from the mysteries of the world. Personally, I don’t think that William’s grounding in science and logic is wrong or necessary unwise, and of course by episodes end we see the very cliche outcome that he’s decided to fully investigate the existences of these supernatural beings.

I actually think that he’s right and wise in saying everything has a science to it. Even supernatural beings like demons hovering around him. If there’s proof of a hypothesis that the demon world did exist, then demons would become a law of nature, and thus a science. Much like atoms and molecules and bacteria were thought to be figments of imagination until there was proof and not just a once of, but a repeatable proof.

William’s just missing the logical leap of treating the demons around him like a part of nature and trying to investigate more. I think it would be cool if he took a big knife and chased them around to try and dissect them. That would add some comedy to the show which I think it’s kind of missing at the moment. Commit to what you believe in, William!


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