Blood Lad Episode 3 Anime Review


… then alright, I’ll toss her in a pot and, baby, we got a stew goin’.

Well, things picked up a little in this episode since we aren’t just stuck on Staz and his squeeze. God damn I hate the no-personality girl. Well, I guess maybe she does have some personality, which is crying when Staz is fighting with wolf boy up there. But really, crying over that? What the fuck, right? They’re just fighting it out. We didn’t even get any indication that she gave a shit about Staz and suddenly she’s crying over him fighting with his friend.

Eurgh. For a moment there, I thought this anime was turning into a reverse harem with wolf boy falling for Fuyumi too. I think that’s the mangaka’s attempt at playing for a female audience, no matter how transparent it is. Probably why the main female is so cookie-cutter anime girl as fuck.

We also got introduced to another girl this episode. She reminds me a lot of Victoria from Hellsing though. Two twintails, same uniform, even her posture is the same. Or maybe it’s the mangaka’s quirk of drawing female shoulders/torsos a bit higher than they normally are. So strange. Well, at least she has some personality. In fact, I think all the side characters are more interesting than the main two so far. Even the morphing guy entertains me more.

I’m just waiting to see who all the other characters in the OP are. Yup, I stopped reading the manga by where episode 2 was. It was just… really draggy. Classic example of interesting premise but bad execution.


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