Gin no Saji Episode 3 Anime Review


I’d eat that with the force of a thousand neighs.

I’m so hungry now thanks to that picture, so the rest of you have to suffer with me! Mwahahaha. Well, in this episode, besides the shot of a delicious bowl of udon, we get introduced to Pork Bowl! The little piggy who can’t grow as big and strong as the other. We learn more about how animals who can’t perform are killed, and a vet has to be strong enough to stomach it. I did enjoy the illustration of the horse-holding area and the big sign which clunked into place over Hachiken, which called it a torture chamber.

I realise that maybe the manga doesn’t translate too well in some parts in this episode. The fight between Hachiken and Komaba was over so fast, there was barely time to blink. Things felt more drawn out and weighty in the manga.

Maybe that’s part of this story’s charm too. Or rather, Hachiken’s charm. He understands he doesn’t know much and he reacts to real life just like how a reasonable human being we all hope to be. I know I can’t apologise so quickly after a fight. I’m a stubborn person. It’s admirable that Hachiken can do it, and it does show that he’s not afraid to take the first step and admit he’s wrong.

So, what made him sort of run away from home? We’ll find out more next episode!


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