Free! Episode 4 Anime Review


The official swimwear of the LGBT movement.

I don’t know if I should chalk it down to my professional predictive powers or just the fact that Free! writers are predictable. As expected, (spoiler) Rei aka Reinbow, is gonna swim the butterfly stroke. It’s the most physically demanding, but it means he doesn’t have to co-ordinate with his legs too much. He’s definitely up for the job given his high jump powers.

Well, not much happened this episode except the boys went to buy swimsuits and we were treated to a fashion parade. Even Haru got in on the action and showed off his line of purple line swimsuits.

Picking out a swimsuit for swimming might seem deceptively simple, but there’s more to consider than just the design, even if they all are similar. Most importantly is the time each was bought and how much use each has seen. The more use, the looser it is. So, if you want to avoid an accident at the pool, you have to make sure that if you’re swimming fast, it has to be the tighter, newer swimwear.

Of course, none of this was discussed in the episode, just jokes about Haru’s adherence to purple, when really I don’t blame him. If you find that a certain brand is comfortable and you like a certain colour, why not just go for it and buy a few pairs? That’s what I’ve done for shirts, shorts, and even underwear. I haven’t done it with swimwear since most are tested best in the water, and only after a few times can you tell. By then, the old designs have been taken down.

I kind of envy him for having a whole wardrobe of swimmers in the same cut which must mean they’re super comfortable.


Rin is a chest man.

Well, next week we head to the beach. I’m hoping Rei gets chased by a shark and he butterflies his way outta there.

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