Uchoten Kazoku Episode 2 Anime Review


I think being an idiot is worse than a frog, my green friend.

Wow, so many things happened this episode. We find out a lot more information. First up, we meet the mother of the Shimogamo household. She dresses up like a member of the Takarazuka Revue, really awesome! She’s almost like a bishonen in her mannerisms. We also see how filial Yasaburou is by his dressing up in a dress from a similar era and walking around with his mom as a girl. The moment he leaves her, he poofs back to normal.

I wonder if Tanuki take a bath? I mean, he can change clothes so easily, so they wouldn’t smell without changing them, and if he can change how his body and skin looks like, can he change is such that the molecular structure doesn’t have dirt attached to it?

Well, we then meet Yashirou next, Yasaburou’s younger brother who’s hard-working and was getting bullied by these two fortune cat spirits. Then, we meet Froggy! Yajirou, their other tanuki brother who can’t turn back. Poor guy. We bump into Yaichirou, who chides his brothers for being useless, etc.

But I really think he has his wrong. His two younger brothers are actually very good kids. They don’t idle all day, but run around dealing with family stuff and life. I think that’s a recurring theme in this anime. A lot of the older people viewing the younger ones as bumming around even though the younger kids are trying their best. It’s pretty reflective of modern life.

We then find out that their dad had actually been cooked in a hotpot by Benten’s gang. Sigh. The scene where the tanuki Mommy was hugging her kids tugged on my heartstrings. No wonder the younger kids were so responsible. It’s probably art imitating life where kids of single parent households grow up much quicker, especially after such a tragedy of the parent being eaten. It’s murder, maybe even assassination, since I’m guessing the tengu had an ulterior motive for doing so.

My favourite character so far would have to be Froggy dude. He has such a chill attitude towards life. I wonder how he looks like in human form and if we’ll have a chance to see it.


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