Yami Shibai Episode 2 Anime Review


If my hospital-mates looked like that, I would ask for a room upgrade stat.

Once more a brilliant horror-filled episode from Yami Shibai. Our main protagonist, a non-descript male in his twenties again, somehow ends up in a hospital after traveling to a remote village. He’s stuck with those three men above and as we all know, shit goes down.

After watching this, it’s cemented the fact that the scariness of the first episode wasn’t a fluke. The stilted paper-puppets-like animation means when the animation suddenly becomes fluid, it makes the horror all the more real because of the contrast. With the setting in a hospital, it plays on all of our primal fears. When we are at a hospital, it’s usually at our weakest. Being surrounded by strangers who you don’t know if they truly mean well. For all you know, the last occupant of your bed could have passed away there. Coupled with the fact that our protagonist is in a small rural village he just arrived at, it makes you feel like a fish in a desert.

Spoiler. In this episode, there is a play on the usual words “banzai”. It’s something like a “Go for it!/Good luck!” cheer. The three roomates above send our protagonist off with a seemingly “banzai” when he is discharged from the hospital. They stand on the rooftops to send him off. In the cab, he muses that maybe he had judged them too harshly and they actually mean well. And then he drops the bomb that it looked like they were waving their arms down. The astute driver says “zanbai”, and shit goes down.

“Zanbai”, written as 惨拝 , has the meanings of a curse. 惨’s meaning is cruel, hurtful, in a serious way. 拝 is prayer, to a god possibly. By itself, it doesn’t have a negative connotation, just something you do. It’s actually pretty positive, since prayer is usually done for someone’s welfare rather than cursing like those three guys. But when you combine the two together, of course, shit happens to our poor protagonist.

We’re left with the question of why did they want to curse our protagonist? In a more story involved anime, maybe they would have answered it, but here the mystery adds to the creepiness since it could happen to anyone.

They say words have power, and it makes me wonder if maybe the cabby hadn’t been so freaked out about the curse, he would have paid more attention to the road and avoided the truck. By believing in a curse, we empower it. Therefore, the morale of today’s story is that we should curse creepy men back before they curse us!


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2 responses to “Yami Shibai Episode 2 Anime Review”

  1. roadkillontheinfohyway says :

    Thank you that was very helpful!

  2. hiichan says :

    Hahahaha ” we should curse creepy men back before they curse us!” very wise my friend, very wise.

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