Gin no Saji Episode 2 Anime Review


The Golden Aura one gets from riding a horse.

This week Hachiken rides a horse! But more importantly, he learns about taking proper care of animals. He also seems to be adapting well to the delicious food on offer at the campus now. No hesitation with scarfing down the additive-free chicken leg offered to him. This is why I like the anime.

Ah… The amount of stress at the beginning of the episode Hachiken experienced is something I’m sure we’ve all experienced. The pressure to perform well in class, the overwhelming expectations. It’s why I admire people like Hachiken who can take a step back and say, “This is not for me.” You could call it escapism, but it also takes a lot of courage to step outside our comfort zone and wake up at 4 am every day to shovel horse manure. It’s hard work in a different sense, and he has to be alert all the time in case he cracks an egg he’s picking up.

What type of life is better? They both have their pros and cons. I feel like the anime is just exploring the differences even though on the surface it may seem preachy about the farm life. Could we really all wake up so early and do back-breaking labour? I know I can’t, even though I would appreciate the food a lot. I don’t have such a big love for animals like the characters in the show to shovel poop. I mean sure, all the animals look cute and stuff, but when it comes to actually taking care of them… Nah, I couldn’t do it.

Which is why I watch the show.


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