Free! Episode 3 Anime Review



My blush is the mark of love for Nagisa-chan. I mean, Nagisa-kun.

Considering they nearly caused Glasses to drown, I think that’s pretty fair. Seriously, how could they not see that coming? There had to be a damn good reason for him not to swim and to protest so adamantly. I think Haru managed to see it though, he was telling the guy not to underestimate the water and he was the first to react.

So, this week, we finally completed out Pokemon line-up! Yay! We’re completing so many things this week. We have Haru as our lead Wartortle, whose special move is Freestyle. Makoto as the big brother Blastoise, who will probably go for breast-stroke. Nagisa as the sunflower Squirtle who will do backstroke. Not sure about those two, it’ll probably depend on their order in middle school. That leaves….. Rei-chan/Glasses with butterfly stroke! He’s probably a Magikarp at the moment.

Do you know what this means!? DO YOU!? He’s taking Rin’s place in the relay! He’s definitely doing butterfly, because of his background as a high jumper – extremely built arms to propel him forward! The muscles groups used are about the same, and the movement too! Plus, he’s a novice swimmer. Given butterfly’s lesser requirement of co-ordination between the legs compared to another stroke, I think that’s the best suited for Rei. I mean look at how he ended up in high jump when he stopped thinking – I think he might have co-ordination problems, which is why he loves to be beautiful so much.

Butterfly stroke is perfect for him! And I bet Rin will egg Rei on, because he’ll probably be a slower swimmer given that he’s a novice. A bit of psychological warfare. But, Rin’s real rival in the race will be Haru, where both of them will compete freestyle.

Bahaha, Rei’s my favourite character so far since he’s such an awkward, over-thinking fellow, which makes him sensational comic relief.


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