Brothers Conflict Episode 3 Anime Review


Who?, Matey, Oniichany, Huh?, Crossy, Sporty, Twerpy, Twinsy, I mean Trippy, Priesty, Hairy, and iDolly.

We’ve completed the 13-member football (soccer) team this week! We found out that Twinsy is actually Triplets, so the odd one out shall be dubbed Trippy. I have no idea who the two ? are, since they either didn’t get much screen time or I forgot.

Moving on to the most important character of the show – Juli the Squirrel! There was so much plot development this week. We opened with our main character stuffing her squirrel in a bag. Yup, you heard it. Starry told her Juli was annoying and so she was stuffed in a bag. What the fuck, right!? How could you stuff the star of your show in your bag?

So Starry and Mainy proceeded to get nearly hot and heavy while Squirrel was screaming in the bag. But no, through the magic of anime, we couldn’t hear Squirrel squeaking away. Assholes. There they are nearly making out while Juli is suffocating in the bag.

Some stuff happened and then we cut to Squirrel lecturing Main about how she nearly got devoured by the wolf earlier. Yeah, that’s right. You stuffed the Squirrel in the bag, you deal with the consequences.

Dreamy comes along afterwards, and it’s true! He can hear Squirrel speak. So, they set up an alliance to protect Main. But we all damn well know that he’s going to betray the alliance just like how it was inevitable that Hitler would betray Stalin despite their non-aggression pact.

Cut to the parents’ wedding day, and Juli waves to Dreamy in a quiet acknowledgment of their alliance, but we all damn well know Dreamy is scheming. Scheming to conquer the sacred grounds that Squirrel has sworn to protect.

Don’t fall for it, Juli! Stand your squirrel ground! Never surrender! Never give up! Do not fall for the enemy’s spy tactics!


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