Brothers Conflict Episode 2 Anime Review


Their Papa never heard of a condom.

This is the type of anime you watch and never tell anyone you did. A reverse harem on overdrive, our main protagonist will probably being end up liked by all the brothers. All 13 stepbrothers of hers. Gosh. And they fit the usual stereotypes. Like the seven dwarves, there’s Flirty, Grumpy, Oniichany, Dreamy, Cooky, Sporty, Twiny, and Twerpy. And what do you know, in the second episode we have Snow White demonstrating her cooking skills and baking a strawberry cake.


The star of the show, in my opinion.

Yup, I’m watching the show for the squirrel, and waiting for someone to comment that Snow White talks to it. I think Dreamy can hear it too.

While I wish there was actually some plot to the show, part of me is quite content with letting my brain drift while I watch it. In a sense, it fulfills expectations. The animation quality is dismal and coupled with the lack of plot or character, is very good for vegging out to. I wonder if the voice actors actually find this job fulfilling or if they just grit their teeth and bear with this one. The fact that this got an anime over some of the better Shoujo ideas out there make me sigh.

Ehhh, I’ll be watching this, I guess.


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2 responses to “Brothers Conflict Episode 2 Anime Review”

  1. Artemis says :

    Also watching Brothers Conflict. There’s no doubt that this is a terrible, terrible series (although I’ve also certainly seen worse), but it still manages to be oddly amusing – albeit for all the wrong reasons. I tend to treat shows like these as comedies and just try to enjoy the ride.

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