Free! Episode 2 Anime Review


It’s okay, Rin-chan’s just being angsty.

Aw yeah! I was worrying that the animation quality had gone down, but it’s stayed about the same. Sure, there are less flamboyant shirt ripping scenes, but the banter with Gou/Kou and the boys make up for it. I’m really glad she’s developing well character-wise. We find out she was the one who led her brother there, and she’s joined the swim team as a manager. Plus, she’s a traps otaku!

Traps, heh.

The only gripe I have is… What is up with Rin’s teeth? They’re sharpened to a point! I mean, you could argue that it’s for art style and flair, but… I just noticed even in the ending theme his teeth are sharpened. Sure, it’s supposed to show his wild side, but it’s so strange. He must have had them filed down in Australia or something. I’m wondering if they drew inspiration from Grell in Kuroshitsuji since they do both have red hair and sharpened teeth, and he’s a pretty popular character.

It was pretty strange to see high school students repairing cracks in the pool. Plucking weeds I can understand, but isn’t the chemicals involved in repairing hazardous? Shouldn’t they be wearing masks? And the school must have a lousy administration to let the pool languish. Why did they build a pool near the beach anyway? It isn’t cheap, you know? Perhaps the school was a swimming powerhouse once?

The whole team is assembling! We encountered their old swim coach, and I’m sure Makoto will ask him to be their coach now. As for the mystery of why Rin was upset despite losing? Well, it’s clear that Haruka could have beat him now, and he’s just holding back because he doesn’t want to make Rin upset.

Being an athlete is pretty tough in that sense. Just the slightest thing can shake your focus. It might be subconscious or even on a conscious level, but Haru just doesn’t want to beat Rin and as his RIVAL, Rin can sense that. The bromance broth bubbles over.

Next week, we’ll meet up with glasses, the fifth member in the swim team. From the previews, it looks like he’s a high jumper, which means he’ll be able to jump super far off the block. I wonder if he’ll be faster than Rin or Haruka?


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